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Figure 5

From: The secretome of induced pluripotent stem cells reduces lung fibrosis in part by hepatocyte growth factor

Figure 5

Neutralizing anti-hepatocyte growth factor antibody inhibit induced pluripotent stem cell conditioned medium-induced reduction of lung fibrosis in vivo . Induced pluripotent stem cell conditioned medium (iPSC-cm)-induced reduction in lung fibrosis was prevented by neutralizing anti-hepatocyte growth factor antibodies (HGF Ab) added to iPSC-cm prior to intratracheal instillation in the bleomycin-injured lung as assessed by (a) histology, (c) collagen content and (d) Ashcroft score in the lung. (b) When bleomycin-injured animals were treated with only HGF Ab there was no reduction in fibrosis, and the Ashcroft score and collagen content were significantly high. Data presented as mean ± standard error of the mean, **P <0.001).

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