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Table 2 Response to mechanical stimulation

From: Safety and neurological assessments after autologous transplantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in subjects with chronic spinal cord injury

Subject number Dermatomes with positive response to von Frey stimulationa
Before treatment Months after treatment
1 3 6
1 T11/T11 L1/L1 ALL ALL
4 L2/L2 L2/L3 L3/S2 S2/S2
5 T4/T4 T4/T4 T5/T4 T5/T4
6 T5/T4 T5/T5 T6/T5 T6/T6
7 T4/T3 T5/T4 T5/T4 T5/T4
8 T11/T11 T12/T12 T12/T12 T12/T12
9 T12/L1 L3/L3 L3/L3 L3/L3
10 T5/T5 T5/T6 T6/T6 T7/T6
11 T11/L1 L1/L2 L1/L2 L2/L2
12 T4/T4 T5/T5 T6/T5 T6/T5
13 T5/T4 T7/T6 T8/T6 T7/T6
14 T11/T10 T12/T11 L1/T11 L5-S1/T12
  1. aSide of the body (right/left).