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Table 1 List of TaqMan probes used for quantitative real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analysis

From: Leukocyte transmigration into tissue-engineered constructs is influenced by endothelial cells through Toll-like receptor signaling

Gene symbol Assay ID Lot number
TNFα Mm 00443260_g1 1172346
IL1β Mm 00434228_m1 1172142
IL6 Mm 00446190_m1 1169749
IL4 Mm 00445259_m1 1173207
IL10 Mm 00439614_m1 1172560
iNOS Mm 00440502_m1 1171338
HIF1α Mm 00468869_m1 P121207-003A02
HIF1β (ARNT) Mm 00507836_m1 P110804-009B06
mTOR Mm 0044968_m1 P110708-007D02