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Figure 1

From: Switching of mesodermal and endodermal properties in hTERT-modified and expanded fetal human pancreatic progenitor cells

Figure 1

Fractionation of EpCAM-positive epithelial cells from fetal human pancreas. (a) shows intact 22-week fetal human pancreas with hematoxylin staining alone (extreme left) or histochemical staining for DPPIV, GGT and glycogen, as indicated, which were expressed in cells in ductal (arrows), periductal and acinar regions. (b) shows EpCAM-positive cells isolated by immunomagnetic cell sorting with EpCAM, DPPIV and GGT expression but absence of glycogen. (c) shows EpCAM-negative cell fraction with only occasional epithelial cells and more abundant glycogen-containing acinar cells (arrows, panel extreme right). Orig. mag., a, ×200; b and c, ×400.

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