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Figure 2

From: Metastatic neuroblastoma cancer stem cells exhibit flexible plasticity and adaptive stemness signaling

Figure 2

Cancer stem cell characterization of MSDACs. (A) Immunoblotting analysis showing activated EMT (increased N-cadherin and decreased E-cadherin), drug resistance (increased ABCG2), and survival response (increased p65/p50 and pIκBα) in MSDACs compared with parental SH-SY5Y cells. (B) High content confocal immunofluorescence showing increased expression levels of pluripotency maintenance factors SOX2 and NANOG in three different clones of MSDACs. (C) Results of QPCR profiling analysis showing transcriptional activation of 29 stem cell-related molecules in MSDACs maintained in serum-free stem cell medium, compared with SH-SY5Y cells. EMT, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition; MSDACs, metastatic site-derived aggressive cells.

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