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Table 1 Summary of major clinical trials using umbilical cord blood-derived cell products registered on

From: The role and potential of umbilical cord blood in an era of new therapies: a review

Disease Identifier Status Cell origin
Alzheimer disease NCT01297218 Completed Allogeneic
Autism NCT01343511 Completed Allogeneic
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia NCT01297205 Completed Allogeneic
Cerebral palsy NCT01072370 Recruiting Autologous
NCT01147653 Active, not recruiting Autologous
NCT01193660 Completed Allogeneic
NCT01528436 Completed Allogeneic
Critical limb ischemia NCT00518934 Unknown Allogeneic
Diabetes mellitus type 1 NCT00305344 Completed Autologous
NCT00873925 Completed Autologous
NCT00989547 Active, not recruiting Autologous
Diabetes mellitus type 2 NCT01415726 Completed Autologous
Global development delay NCT01601158 Completed Allogeneic
Hematological malignancies NCT00343798 Completed Allogeneic
NCT01175785 Active, not recruiting Allogeneic
NCT00498316 Recruiting Allogeneic
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome NCT01445041 Recruiting Autologous
Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy NCT01739777 Recruiting Allogeneic
Inborn metabolic disorders NCT00950846 Recruiting Allogeneic
NCT00920972 Recruiting Allogeneic
NCT01238328 Unknown Allogeneic
NCT00668564 Terminated Allogeneic
NCT00383448 Recruiting Allogeneic
NCT00176917 Completed Allogeneic
NCT00176904 Completed Allogeneic
Liver failure caused by the hepatitis B virus NCT01724398 Recruiting Allogeneic
Malignant solid tumors NCT00436761 Unknown Allogeneic
NCT00112645 Completed Allogeneic
Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy NCT00593242 Recruiting Autologous
NCT01649648 Recruiting Autologous
Orthopedic cartilage repair NCT01041001 Completed Allogeneic
Osteoporosis NCT00775931 Recruiting Allogeneic
NCT00638820 Terminated Allogeneic
NCT01087398 Unknown Allogeneic
Skin diseases NCT01443689 Unknown Allogeneic
NCT01033552 Recruiting Allogeneic
Spinal cord injury NCT01046786 Completed Allogeneic
NCT01471613 Completed Allogeneic
Stroke NCT01438593 Unknown Allogeneic
NCT01673932 Recruiting Allogeneic
NCT01700166 Withdrawn Autologous
Traumatic brain injury NCT01251003 Withdrawn Autologous
NCT01451528 Withdrawn Allogeneic
NCT01649648 Recruiting Autologous