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Fig. 1

From: Roles of microRNA-34a targeting SIRT1 in mesenchymal stem cells

Fig. 1

miR-34a expression increases under H/SD, and correlates with decreased cell survival and increased apoptosis. a Rat MSCs were cultured in normal condition or exposed to H/SD for 6 hours and were transiently transfected with miR-34a mimic, NC mimic, miR-34a inhibitor, or NC inhibitor for 48 hours, respectively. The expression of miR-34a was determined by qRT-PCR. *P <0.05. b, c Effects of miR-34a on the vitality of MSCs were examined by CCK-8 assay. *P <0.05 vs. NC mimic (b), *P <0.05 vs. NC inhibitor (c). d, e Flow cytometric analysis of apoptotic cells in normal and H/SD conditions, in cultures of miR-34a mimic, NC mimic, miR-34a inhibitor, or NC inhibitor treated (MSCs were transfected for 48 hours and exposure to H/SD and maintained as such for 6 hours). Each column represents mean ± SD from three independent experiments. *P <0.05. H/SD hypoxia and serum deprivation, miRNA microRNA, NC negative control, PI propidium iodide

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