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Table 1 Preclinical and clinical studies using adipose-derived stem cells and platelet-rich plasma

From: Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and platelet-rich plasma: stem cell transplantation methods that enhance stemness

Type of cells (SVFs or ASCs) Species of cells How to use the PRP Animal model/disease Results Reference
Preclinical studies
 ASCs Human Co-administration Mouse full thickness wound model Co-administration of PRP and ASCs in the wound beds increased ASC survival and enhanced arteriole formation in wounds [20]
 ASCs Rat (Wistar) Co-administration Osteonecrosis of the jaw The combination of ASCs and PRP prevented frequency of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw [73]
 ASCs Rabbit Co-transplantation Achilles tendon injured model ASCs differentiated into tenocytes [21]
 ASCs Human ASCs were treated with 15 % PRP in culture flask Mouse model of articular cartilage injury PRP-treated ASCs improved healing of injured articular cartilage [72]
 ASCs Rat (Fischer) Co-transplantation Rat calvarial defect Regenerated volume of bone was significantly greater than in the PRP-treated group and ASCs/collagen gel-treated group 8 weeks after transplantation [22]
 ASCs Rat (Wistar) Co-transplantation Rat periodontal tissue defect Alveolar bone, periodontal ligament-like structures, and cementum-like structures were observed in the periodontal tissue defect 8 weeks after transplantation [18]
 ASCs Canine Co-transplantation Canine periodontal tissue defect Periodontal tissue regeneration was observed in the bifurcation defect 8 weeks after transplantation [19]
 SVFs Human Co-transplantation Rat periodontal tissue defect Human SVFs have the potential to regenerate periodontal tissue [24]
Clinical studies
 ASCs Human Co-transplantation Osteoarthritis 18 patients were treated. Intra-articular injection of a combination of ASCs and PRP effectively reduced pain and improved knee function in patients being treated for knee osteoarthritis [74]
 SVFs Human Co-transplantation Articular joints 91 patients were treated with autologous SVFs with PRP over 2 years [75]
  1. ASC adipose-derived stem cell; PRP platelet-rich plasma; SVF stromal vascular fraction