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Fig. 1

From: Native extracellular matrix preserves mesenchymal stem cell “stemness” and differentiation potential under serum-free culture conditions

Fig. 1

Topographical analysis of BM-ECM versus CELLstart™. a Atomic force microscope images highlight the different topographies of the two culture surfaces, BM-ECM versus CELLstart™. The scan areas are 70 × 70 μm for BM-ECM and 20 × 20 μm for CELLstart™. Scale bar: the depth of substrate shown by different colors. b Mean roughness and maximal (Max.) height of the two culture surfaces. Mean ± standard deviation was calculated from 15 samples from both cell culture substrates. *P < 0.05, versus CELLstart™. BM-ECM bone marrow-derived extracellular matrix

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