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Table 2 Potential clinical applications and the amount of adipose tissue required to provide sufficient numbers of prospectively purified perivascular stem cells to eliminate the need for ex-vivo expansion

From: Prospective purification of perivascular presumptive mesenchymal stem cells from human adipose tissue: process optimization and cell population metrics across a large cohort of diverse demographics

Clinical use Estimated number of cells required Amount of fat needed
Tissue engineered tendon 1.5 million/cm 12 ml/cm
Tissue engineered mandible 10 million/cm 80 ml/cm
Cartilage for nasal reconstruction 20 million 160 ml
Scaphoid nonunion 25 million 200 ml
Tibial nonuniona 40 million 320 ml
Total ear reconstruction 50 million 400 ml
Critical limb ischemiaa 2 million cells/kg 16 ml/kg
Graft versus host diseasea 0.5–13 million cells/kg 4.8–125 ml/kg
(repeat doses required)
  1. aData from