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Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies used for the characterization of stem cell markers and cell phenotypes

From: Donor age and long-term culture do not negatively influence the stem potential of limbal fibroblast-like stem cells

Primary antibody/localization marker Code number Dilution Incubation
HLA-DR, surface Santa Cruz, sc-18875 1:50 o/n, r.t.
CD34, surface Santa Cruz, sc-19621 1:50 o/n, r.t.
CD45, surface Santa Cruz, sc-28369 1:50 o/n, r.t.
SSEA4, surface Miltenyi Biotec, 130-98-371 1:100 30 minutes, r.t.
ABCG2, surface BioLegend, 332002 1:100 o/n, r.t.
Δnp63, nuclear BioLegend, 619002 1:100 o/n, r.t.
NANOG, surface Santa Cruz, sc-293121 1:50 o/n, r.t.
OCT4, nuclear Santa Cruz, sc-5279 1:50 o/n, r.t.
Secondary antibody Code number Dilution Incubation
AlexaFluor 488 Life Technologies, Z25402 1:50 20 minutes, r.t.
AlexaFluor 594 Life Technologies, Z25007 1:50 20 minutes, r.t.
  1. Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
  2. Santa Cruz, Dallas, Texas
  3. BioLegend, London, UK
  4. Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA
  5. o/n overnight, r.t. room temperature