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Fig. 4

From: The effect of mesenchymal stromal cell sheets on the inflammatory stage of flexor tendon healing

Fig. 4

Impact of ASC sheets on M2 macrophage phenotype in FDP tendons 7 days after repair. Representative immunofluorescence images of FDP tendon sections from the + HA (A, A′, and C) or + ASC sheet (B, B′, and D) groups at the tendon surface (A, A′, B, and B′) or repair site (C and D). All sections were stained with M2 macrophage marker CD163 (red) and DAPI nuclear stain (blue). E Location index indicating the location of A–D relative to the tendon repair in a tendon section stained with H&E. A–D Braces indicate epitenon regions. C, D Dotted lines indicate site of tendon transection. Bar = 100 μm for A and B, bar = 50 for A′ and B′, and bar = 100 μm for C and D

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