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Table 1 Phenotype of different renal stem/progenitor cell populations

From: The effects of glomerular and tubular renal progenitors and derived extracellular vesicles on recovery from acute kidney injury

  T-CD133+ Gl-MSCs Fibroblasts
Positive CD90 CD73 CD44 CD29 CD24 CD133 CD146 CD90 CD73 CD44 CD29 CD24 CD105 CD146 CD73 CD44 CD29 CD24
Negative CD45 CD31 CD105 CD45 CD31 CD133 CD45 CD133 CD90 CD31 CD146 CD105
  1. T-CD133 + CD133+ progenitor cells isolated from human tubules of the renal cortical tissue, Gl-MSCs Resident population of MSCs within glomeruli