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Table 3 Studies that have evaluated the association between harvest site and human ADSCs and adipocyte functionality (ordered by sample size)

From: Systematic review of patient factors affecting adipose stem cell viability and function: implications for regenerative therapy

Reference LOE Sample size (n) Subjects Donor sites Outcome: clinical Outcome: ADSC yield Outcome: differentiation potential
Small et al. 2014 [123] 2 73 Fat transfer to reconstructed breasts Two donor sites: abdomen and thighs Measured pre- and post-operative 3D scans to assess volumetric changes. No statistically significant difference between donor sites   
Lim et al. 2012 [124] 2 27 Patients with craniofacial microsomia, Treacher Collins syndrome Two groups: abdomen and non-abdominal sites Measured 2D analysis using pre-op and post-op photographs. Adipose tissue from abdominal or non-abdominal sources equally corrected asymmetry   
Padoin et al. 2008 [32] 2 25 Liposuction aspirate Six donor sites: upper abdomen, lower abdomen, knee, inner thigh, flank and trochanteric region   The cell concentration in lower abdomen and inner thigh was statistically higher than in other areas  
Geissler et al. 2014 [27] 2 24 Liposuction aspirate Three donor sites: lower abdomen, thigh and flank   In younger patients, adipocyte viability was greater in the lower abdomen than in the flank; in older patients, this difference was not seen. Higher viability of flank adipocytes in the older group compared with younger group  
Jurgens et al. 2008 [64] 2 22 Liposuction aspirate Two donor sites: abdomen and hip/thigh   ADSC yield significantly higher from abdominal aspirate No statistical difference in absolute number of nucleated cells and differentiation capacity
Rohrich et al. 2004 [67] 2 5 Liposuction aspirate Three donor sites: knee, flank and abdomen   No statistical difference in viability  
Choudhery et al. 2014 [120] 2 3 Liposuction aspirate Five donor sites: abdomen, flank, thigh, scarpas fascia, submental jowl   No statistical difference in proliferation  
Di Taranto et al. 2015 [125] 2 1 Liposuction aspirate Superficial versus deep abdominal fat    Superficial fat increased differentiation capacity
Ullmann et al. 2005 [68] 2 45 nude mice (15 in 3 groups) Fat from one woman injected into 3 groups with 15 nude mice each Three donor sites: abdomen, breast and thigh   Fat compared for viability and volume retention showing no statistical difference  
Li et al. 2013 [66] 2 30 nude mice (6 in 5 groups) Fat from six women injected into nude mice Five donor sites: flank, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, medial thigh, lateral thigh viability . Cell count and assay by flow cytometry and graft evaluation at 12 weeks post-transplantation and showed no statistical difference  
  1. ADSC adipocyte derived stem cell, LOE Level of Evidence, n number