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Table 1 miRNAs involved in the regulation of stem cell fate

From: microRNAs: important regulators of stem cells

mRNA Function Target/pathway Reference
miRNA-29a Regulates chondrogenic differentiation and cartilage formation FOXO3A [8]
microRNA-145 Represses pluripotency in human ESCs Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 [15]
miR-296, mir-470 and miR-134 Regulate mouse ESC differentiation Nanog, Oct4, Sox2 [16]
miR-290 family or miR-302 family Enhances reprogramming efficiency Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 [25]
Human miR-372 Improves reprogramming efficiency   [26]
miR-17-92 cluster, miR-106b-25 cluster, miR-106a-363 cluster Improve reprogramming efficiency TGF-βR2, p21 [27]
miR-302 cluster Induces the pluripotent state in human skin cancer cells   [28]
Mature double-stranded miR-200c plus miR-302 and miR-369 family Reprogram mouse and human somatic cells into pluripotent states   [29]
miR-200 family, miR-106a-363 and miR-302-367 cluster, miR-93/106b Promote the MET process of the iPSC initiation phase   [27, 30, 31]
Down-regulated miR-30/let-7 family Activate the pluripotent state   [30]
Up-regulated miR-17, miR-19, miR-290 and miR-8 family Maintain the pluripotent state   [30]
miR-25 family and the miR-130/301/721 family Promote reprogramming efficiency p21 [27, 32]
miR-34a Regulates reprogramming efficiency with p21 p53 [33]
miR-290 family Regulates pluripotency and differentiation Epigenetic regulation of de novo DNA methylation [34]
miR-1 Promotes the cardiovascular differentiation of ESCs and inhibits cardiomyocyte apoptosis PTEN/Akt pathway [37]
miR-1 Promotes SMCs differentiation of retinoid acid-induced ESCs Klf4 [38]
miR-10a Promotes differentiation of mouse ESCs into SMCs HDAC4 [39]
miR-6086 and miR-6087 Block differentiation of human ESCs into ECs CDH5, endoglin [40]
miR-199b Promotes EC differentiation   [41]
Depletion of miR-495 Promotes EC differentiation and angiogenesis of human iPSCs VEZF1 [42]
miR-9 Promotes NSC differentiation Balancing the proliferation and differentiation of NSCs with TLX [45]
miR-184 MBD1-miR-184-Numbl form a loop to regulate adult NSC differentiation Numbl [46]
Suppression of miR-371-3 Promotes neural differentiation   [47]
Downregulation of miR-132 Promotes the differentiation of tyrosine hydroxylase-positive neurons Nurr1 [48]
miR-125 Promoted human ESC differentiation towards the neural lineage Smad4 [49]
miR-302 Forms a regulation loop with OCT4 during neural differentiation Interacting with NR2F2 [50]
miR-138 Suppresses osteoblast differentiation of human MSCs Targeting FAK and downstream signaling [51]
miR-23b Induces chondrogenic differentiation of hMSCs By suppressing PKA signaling [52]
miR-335-5p Promotes the chondrogenic differentiation of mouse MSCs Daam1 and ROCK1 [53]
miR-181 Promotes B-lymphocytes differentiation   [55]
miR-125a Increases the number of HSCs Bax1 [56]
miR-125b Leads to a lethal myeloid leukemia in mice   [57]
  1. miRNAs regulate the reprogramming, pluripotency, and differentiation of stem cells