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Fig. 4

From: Angiogenic potency evaluation of cell therapy candidates by a novel application of the in vitro aortic ring assay

Fig. 4

High-magnification fluorescence microscopy images of pericyte–endothelial-like physical interactions. Unstained endothelial cells (white arrows) in a single line associated with continuous protrusions connecting prestained FTM HUCPVCs (black arrows) (a). Fluorescent images of prestained endothelial networks (red; CellTrackerOrange™) with prestained FTM HUCPVCs (green) demonstrating endothelial and pericyte-like interactions (b). Low-magnification images, scale bar = 200 μm; high-magnification images, scale bar = 100 μm (Color figure online). EC endothelial cell, FTM HUCPVC first-trimester human umbilical cord perivascular cell

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