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Table 1 Antibody information for fluorescence-activated cell sorting analysis

From: Human amnion cells reverse acute and chronic pulmonary damage in experimental neonatal lung injury

Antibody Manufacturer Catalogue number
Ly6C-BV605 BD Biosciences 563011
SiglecF-PE BD Biosciences 562068
Ly6G-AF700 BD Biosciences 561236
CD103-BV510 BD Biosciences 563087
F4/80-FITC Jomar Life Research 11-4801-85
CD45-PE Cy7 eBioscience 25-0451-81
CD4-PE eBioscience 12-0041-83
CD11b-PerCP Cy5.5 eBioscience 45-0112-82
CD3-BV421 Biolegend 100227
CD8-BV510 Biolegend 100752
CD25-APC Cy7 Biolegend 102206
NKp46-BV605 Biolegend 137619
B220-APC Biolegend 103211
Foxp3-FITC Biolegend 320012
CD11c-BV421 Biolegend 107645
I-A/I-E-BV785 Biolegend 117330