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Fig. 3

From: Autologous adipose-derived regenerative cell therapy modulates development of hypertrophic scarring in a red Duroc porcine model

Fig. 3

Effect of ADRCs on collagen organization and epithelial maturation. a Masson Trichrome staining performed on biopsies collected at 6 months post-injury. Inset: magnification showing epithelial flattening and maturation (presence of rete ridges) in LR and ADRCs-treated wound, respectively. b Quantification of rete ridges in LR- and ADRCs-treated wounds. c H&E staining performed at 6 months post-injury showing collagen organization in LR and ADRCs-treated wounds. Results are presented as mean ± SEM. n = 6 animals; n = 11 wound pairs. ** p < 0.01 versus LR control vehicle. ADRCs adipose-derived regenerative cells Ctrl control, LR lactated Ringer’s solution

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