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Fig. 6

From: Paracrine effects of human amniotic epithelial cells protect against chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage

Fig. 6

Effect of hAEC-secreting cytokines on angiogenesis and the tube formation of hUVECs in vitro. A Histochemical photographs displayed CD34-labeled cells in the injured ovaries of different groups at 1 month after microinjection of hAECs or hAECs-CM. Photographs e, f, g and h were magnifications of the square in photos a, b, c and d, respectively. B Quantification showed the density of CD34-positive microvessel in injured ovary of different groups. C 5 × 104 hUVECs were seeded on the bottom of a 24-well Matrigel-coated culture plate, and 5 × 104 hAECs were seeded on 0.4 μm pore-size transwell inserts. Bright field image showed the tube-like structure of hUVECs on the bottom of co-culture system at 4 hours after culture with hAECs. D and E Quantitative analysis demonstrated that paracrine effect of hAECs on tube formation of hUVECs in a co-culture system. Data represent means ± SEM. Sham group (n = 6); Cy group (n = 6); Cy + hAECs group (n = 6); Cy + hAECs-CM group (n = 6); hUVECs group (n = 4); hUVECs and hAECs co-culture group (n = 4). Scale bar is 200 μm in A-a to A-d. Scale bar is 100 μm in A-e to A-h. Scale bar is 200 μm in C

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