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Table 1 Study design and time schedule for the intervention

From: Cell therapy induced regeneration of severely atrophied mandibular bone in a clinical trial

Intervention Day –21 (pre inclusion visit or earlier) Day 0 (inclusion visit) Days 12–14 Month 1 Month 6 Month 9 Month 18
Verification of the selection criteria, information given to the patient, patient records and informed consent obtained X       
Panoramic X-ray scans X     X X X
Loco-regional clinical examination X X X X X X X
Impression of both dental arches X      X  
Facial and oral cavity photographs X       X
Dental radiographs X     X X X
VAS score for pain    X X X X X
Questionnaire on use of painkillers    X X X X X
Bone marrow harvest X       
Grafting procedure   X      
CBCT scan X   X   X   X
Implant placement, bone biopsy      X   
Resonance frequency Analysis (ISQ RFA)      X X X
Implant loading (prosthesis)       X  
Adverse events, clinical examination   X X X X X X
  1. VAS visual analog scale, CBCT cone beam computer tomography, ISQ implant stability quotient, RFA resonance frequency analysis