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Fig. 4

From: Improving hematopoietic recovery through modeling and modulation of the mesenchymal stromal cell secretome

Fig. 4

In vivo hematopoietic recovery: mouse survival. a Survival curves were predicted using the PLSR model for mice injected with unsorted MSCs grown on PDMS (three orange lines), Dhi MSCs (blue line) on TCPS, and unsorted MSCs (purple line) on TCPS. PDMS substrata of varying stiffness (1, 10 and 100 kPa PDMS) represented by light, medium, and dark orange colors, respectively. b Mice were irradiated with 4.0 Gy gamma irradiation at day 0 and injected with MSCs from four experimental groups at day 1. These four experimental groups included unsorted MSCs grown on 1 kPa PDMS (light orange), 100 kPa (dark orange) PDMS, TCPS (purple) and Dhi MSCs grown on TCPS (blue). A no-treatment or saline control is also included in gray. Mice survival for each group was tracked over the course of 50 days after irradiation and N ≥ 9 for all conditions. For cohorts injected with saline, unsorted MSCs on TCPS, and ~ 100 kPa PDMS, median survival times were 13, 39, and 49 days, respectively. Median survival times were undefined (> 50 days) for Dhi MSCs and unsorted MSCs on ~ 1 kPa PDMS

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