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Table 4 Translational challenges of using iPSC-derived corneal cells in disease modeling and therapy

From: Corneal cell therapy: with iPSCs, it is no more a far-sight

Process Challenge Solutions
Somatic cell reprogramming Genomic stability Using non-integrating (sendai virus, episomal vectors, small molecules) methods for reprogramming, karyotyping before reprogramming, optimizing culture conditions
Low efficiency Epigenetic modifiers, e.g., HDAC inhibitors, and stimulatory factors, e.g.., p53i, miRNA, signaling agonist and antagonists [134]
iPSC-derived corneal cells Improper differentiation/genomic stability Developing appropriate protocols (Tables 1, 2, and 3) and optimizing culture conditions, robust screening, and characterization criteria
Genetic variability (inter- and intra-clonal) Genome editing/isogenic lines/big sample size