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Table 5 Summary of evidence-based cancer therapy by MSC as deduced by the meta-analysis of peer-reviewed experimental/ preclinical research studies

From: Mesenchymal stem cells in preclinical cancer cytotherapy: a systematic review

MSC MSC GM status # Tumor target Effect on tumor target Evidence in support
AT Modified (or naïve) Neural Suppression **
UC Naïve (or modified) Breast Suppression ***
UC Modified (or naïve) Lung Suppression **
BM Modified Neural Suppression **
BM Modified Lung Suppression **
BM Modified (or naïve) Pancreas Suppression *
BM Naïve Breast Promotion ***
BM Naïve Osteosarcoma Promotion *
  1. # Primary or secondary/minor (in brackets) contribution of the genetic modification status of the MSC to the overall observed effect on tumor target
  2. No. of studies *≥ 3, **≥ 6, ***≥ 10