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Fig. 3

From: Human iPSC-derived MSCs (iMSCs) from aged individuals acquire a rejuvenation signature

Fig. 3

Characterization of fMSC-iMSCs, aMSC- iMSCs, and ESC-iMSCs. a Morphology of iMSCs compared to native MSCs. b Flow cytometry-based analysis of MSC surface marker in iMSCs. Blue/Purple: iMSCs labeled with antibody specific to marker. Gray: isotype control. c Differentiation potential of iMSCs in vitro. Osteogenic: Alizarin Red S staining; adipogenic: Oil red O staining; chondrogenic: Alcian Blue staining. d Gene expression of MSC, hematopoietic, and pluripotency markers in iMSCs compared to primary MSCs and ESC H1. Representative images of n = 3 experiments

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