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Fig. 7

From: Human iPSC-derived MSCs (iMSCs) from aged individuals acquire a rejuvenation signature

Fig. 7

Comparative analyses of the secretome of fMSCs, iMSCs, and aMSCs. a Cytokine expression of fMSC1, fMSC2, fMSC3, and iMSCs (fMSC-iMSCs, aMSC-iMSCs, and ESC-iMSCs) detected using membrane-based cytokine arrays. Expression plot of the most abundant cytokines shared between fMSCs and iMSCs; threshold of expression in comparison to reference spots was set to 20%. b KEGG pathway analysis of common cytokines between fMSCs and iMSCs–log(pValue). c GO terms associated with common secreted cytokines between fMSCs and iMSCs as –log(pValue). d Cytokine expression of fMSCs, iMSCs, and aMSCs (aMSC5, aMSC6, aMSC7)

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