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Fig. 5

From: Feasibility of repairing full-thickness skin defects by iPSC-derived epithelial stem cells seeded on a human acellular amniotic membrane

Fig. 5

Immunohistochemical and H&E staining analyses. a H&E staining of the structures in the healing epidermis. Follicle-like structures were detected in the group of the hAAM with cells in comparison with the group of the hAAM alone and blank group. Scale bar represents 200 μm. b Expression of keratinocyte markers Krt10 and loricrin in the upper epidermis. c GFP was detected in newly formed hair follicles and epidermis. Scale bar represents 100 μm. d Expression of hair follicle-specific marker Krt15 in the outer sheath of hair follicles overlapping with the positive location of GFP. Scale bar represents 100 μm

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