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Fig. 4

From: Differentiation of primordial germ cells from premature ovarian insufficiency-derived induced pluripotent stem cells

Fig. 4

POI-1-iPSCs differentiate into primordial germ cells. a The timeline of PGC induction from POI-1-iPSCs. b The VASA-GFP POI-1-iPSCs were induced and kept in 4i culture medium. c For pre-induction, VASA-GFP POI-1-iPSCs were dissociated and cultured in pre-induction medium. d After day 8 of PGC induction, some cells expressed VASA-GFP. d At day 4 and 8 of PGC induction, Sox17 and VASA-GFP were both expressed in induced cells. With further induction, more cells expressed Sox17 and VASA. e The Sox17 and GFP-VASA double staining cells between day 4 and day 8 in the induced system, indicating statistical difference among them (Scale bars=50µm). f There is statistically difference in Sox17, VASA-GFP and Sox17-VASA-GFP double staining cells betwwen Day 4 and Day 8

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