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Fig. 8

From: Human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells and their paracrine factors promote wound healing by inhibiting heat stress-induced skin cell apoptosis and enhancing their proliferation through activating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Fig. 8

Cytokine expression profile of hAMSCs. The cytokine expression profile in the conditioned media collected from hAMSCs was detected using the RayBio Human Cytokine Antibody Array 440, which allows the detection of 440 cytokines in one experiment. a The representative image of cytokine antibody array. The cytokines in the hAMSC-CM which may activate PI3K/AKT signaling are highlighted with red boxes. b The concentration of cytokines of interest in each hAMSC-CM sample is shown. Values shown are obtained from standard curve generated against the various proteins, n = 4

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