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Fig. 1

From: Human amniotic epithelial cells improve fertility in an intrauterine adhesion mouse model

Fig. 1

hAECs presented with stem cell characteristics and low immunogenicity. A hAECs presented an epithelial morphology under bright-field microscopy. Scale bar = 50 μm. B By flow cytometry, hAECs were positive for (a) stem cell marker SSEA4 and (b) epithelial marker CD324 and were negative for (c) mesenchymal markers CD146 and (d) HLA-DR. C Immunofluorescence staining for CK18 (an epithelial marker) expression in hAECs. Scale bar = 100 μm. D Immunofluorescence staining for TRA-1-60 (a stem cell marker) expression in hAECs. Scale bar = 100 μm

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