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Fig. 4

From: Umbilical cord as a long-term source of activatable mesenchymal stromal cells for immunomodulation

Fig. 4

Clonal analysis of MSC-EMs and UCPs using lentiviral barcoding and high-throughput sequencing. Differently prepared UCPs were transduced with lentiviral barcode vectors 1 day after preparation. The barcodes of the first 15 induced MSC-EMs and the corresponding UCPs were analyzed by high-throughput sequencing. The areas in the stacked bar chart represent the abundance of barcodes. Unique numbers label different reoccurring barcodes for each condition. The areas in different shades of gray represent barcodes, which were not present in the UCPs at the end of the analysis. UCP = umbilical cord piece, BLOP = blood vessel cut open, BLRV = blood vessel completely removed, MSC-EM = mesenchymal stromal cell explant monolayer

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