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Fig. 3

From: Autograft microskin combined with adipose-derived stem cell enhances wound healing in a full-thickness skin defect mouse model

Fig. 3

MS+ADSC may enhance wound healing through paracrine function rather than the differentiation of ADSCs. a mRNA expression of CK5, CK19, KDR, and VWF are shown in each group. b Representative Western blot bands for CK5, CK19, VWF, and KDR expression are shown in each group including at days 7 and 14 post-treatment. In co-cultured system, ADSCs were all downregulated compared to the control group. c The concentration of EGF and VEGF secreted by microskin kept stabilizing at 7 days and decreased at 14 days. Both at 7 and 14 days, EGF and VEGF secreted by microskin were higher than the control group (FBS) which demonstrated the microskin could release biological factor. *p < .05, compared with the control group

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