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Table 1 Media formulation

From: Cellular therapy of corneal epithelial defect by adipose mesenchymal stem cell-derived epithelial progenitors

MediaBasal mediaSupplements
MET induction medium (M1)MesenPRO-RS™
Vaporic acid (VPA, 500 μM; Sigma-Aldrich),
CHIR99021 (3 μM; Stemgent),
E-616452 (RepSox, 1 μM; Millipore), Tranylcypromine (5 μM; Tocris),
A-83-01 (500 nM; Tocris)
All-trans retinoic acid (atRA, 10 μM; Sigma-Aldrich)
Serum (2%, supplied from MesenPro kit)
Antibiotics-antimycotic (Invitrogen)
MET induction medium (M2)MesenPRO-RS™Same as M1 with reduced VPA (50 μM) and CHIR99021 (300 nM)
M2/CNT-50 medium M2 and CNT-50 medium (CELLnTEC, Bern, Switzerland) (1:1 v/v)