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Table 2 Summary of Patients data, and Results for Vocal Fold function parameters, Pressure data and Patient’s subjective ratings preoperative and after at 1 year

From: Treatment of vocal fold scarring with autologous bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stromal cells—first phase I/II human clinical study

PatientGroup (vocal fold damage)Treatment: MSC or MSC+hyaluronan (HA) (unilateral or bilateral)Side effects: SAE (systemic reaction, airway problem, infection); minor (e.g., fold edema, laryngitis)Age, sexVoice Handicap Index (pre/postop 0–120) (*VHI change ≥ 13 points decrease = sign. Improvement)Vocal fold vibration qualitative ratings (pre/postop): mucosal wave, vibration amplitude, glottal closureVocal fold vibration, computerized analysis (pre/postop) (normalized U)Phonation pressure threshold: PTP (cm H2O) (pre/postop) **decrease ≥ 0.5 cm = positive change
Max. area variations (increase = positive), glottal closure (decrease = positive), open/closed coefficient (%) (decrease = positive)
1Scar+defect (uni)MSC, uniNone66, male53/24*Improved1732/2146, 49/0, 78/68, improved5.5/4.7**
2Severe scar (bilat)MSC, bilatNone53, male86/53*Improved7.8/4.1**
3Sulcus+scar (bilat)MSC, uniNone57, female78/74Decreased, Gl. closure improved1723/2021, 107/40, 82/71, improved6.4/4.0**
4Scar+defect (uni)MSC, uniNone50, male65/74Improved1432/2124, 76/84, 68/74, unchanged4.0/2.7**
5Scar (bilat)MSC, bilatNone71, male93/61*Improved1290/1476, 0/0, 75/59, improved4.3/2.8**
6Scar (uni) large defectMSC+HA, uniNone55, male103/104Improved5.4/5.5
7Scar (uni) large defectMSC+HA, uniNone70, male59/69Improved633/1357, 139/11, 64/78, improved4.9/5.0
8Scar (uni) large defectMSC+HA, uniNone58, male80/87Unchanged1498/3278, 209/540, −, unchanged4.8/4.4
9Scar severe (bilat)MSC, bilatNone74, male89/85Decreased–, 740/1262,–, decreased8.3/3.5**
10Scar (uni) large defectMSC, uniNone48, female109/72*Decreased, Gl. closure improved1517/2692, 942/553, 58/50, improved5.7/4.7**
11Sulcus+scar bilatMSC+HA, uniNone42, female105/51*Unchanged2430/3249, 0/0, 88/37, improved6.6/5.8**
12Sulcus+scar (bilat)MSC+HA, uniNone45, female113/92*Improved1761/1973, 2/0, 79/65, improved5.9/5.6
13Sulcus+scar bilatMSC+HA, uniNone51, male74/82Decreased3602/4691, 3/59, 76/77, unchanged6.0/5.3**
14Scar (uni) large defectMSC+HA, uniNone48, female85/35*Improved566/1716, 0/0, 51/47, improved6.5/4.4 **
15Sulcus+scar (bilat)MSC, uniNone43, male50/13*Improved931/1579, 50/0, 75/81, improved5.7/4.3**
16Sulcus+scar (bilat)MSC+HA, uniNone30, male86/87Improved1216/1210, 439/19, 93/81, improved8.4/7.6**
  1. Patient 2 had a tracheostomy due to extensive scarring with fixation of cricoarytenoid joints. One patient (no. 9) smoked, and 1 patient suffered several cardiac infarctions the last 2 years previously (no. 5)