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Table 1 Summary of clinical trials using dental pulp- derived cells

From: Promising advances in clinical trials of dental tissue-derived cell-based regenerative medicine

ReferencesRegistration IDConditionStudy DesignPatients, test/controlInterventionsFollow-upOutcomesRisk of Bias Assessments
D’aquino et al. [15]NRSocket preservationSM-CT17, 17/17DPSCs + collagen spongeCollagen sponge3 months, 1 yearRadiography and clinical probing assessment revealed that optimal vertical repair and complete restoration of periodontal tissue were higher at the test site than the control site.High
Brunelli et al. [16]NRSinus floor elevationA case report1Pulp micro-grafts + collagen sponge4 monthsBone density in newly formed bone was about the double of native bone.
Aimetti et al. [17]NRPeriodontal diseasesA case report1Pulp micro-grafts + collagen sponge1 yearThe defect was completely filled with bonelike tissue as confirmed through the reentry procedure.
Nakashima et al. [18]NRIrreversible pulpitisCase series5DPSCs + G-CSF + atelocollagen1, 2, 4, 12, 24 weeksEPT demonstrated a robust positive response. MRI revealed that the regenerated tissue was similar to normal dental pulp.
Ferrarotti et al. [19]NCT03386877Periodontal diseasesRCT29, 15/14Pulp micro-grafts + collagen spongeCollagen sponge6 months, 12 monthsClinical and radiographic parameters revealed that test sites exhibited significantly more PD reduction, CAL gain, and bone defect fill than controls.Low
Hernández-monjaraz et al. [20]ISRCTN12831118Periodontal diseasesA case report1Allogeneic DPSCs from deciduous teeth + collagen sponge3 months, 6 monthsThe patient showed no sign of rejection and exhibited decreases in tooth mobility, PD and bone defect area.
Barbier et al. [21]EudraCTdatabase 2014-001913-18Socket preservationSM-RCT32, 32/32Pulp micro-grafts + collagen matrixCollagen matrix6 monthsNo significant differences were found in the extent of bone repair during analyses of density or interdental septum height.High
Xuan et al. [22]NCT01814436Dental pulp necrosis by traumaRCT40, 30/10DPSCs aggregate from deciduous teethApexification12 months
24 months
Test group showed significantly higher improvement of EPT, vascular formation, root length, and width of the apical foramen.High
Aimetti et al. [23]NRPeriodontal diseasesCase series11Pulp micro-grafts + collagen sponge6 months, 12 monthsPD, CAL, and radiographic intrabony defect were improved.
NR [24]NCT01932164Cleft lip and palateCase series5DPSCs from deciduous teeth + collagen + hydroxyapatite biomaterial3 months, 6 monthsFinal completion of the alveolar defect with an 89.5% mean bone height was detected.
  1. NR not reported, SM split-mouth, CT controlled trial, G-CSF granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, EPT electric pulp test, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CBCT cone beam computed tomography, RCT randomized controlled trial, PD probing depth, CAL clinical attachment level