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Table 3 Summary of clinical trials using gingiva- derived cells

From: Promising advances in clinical trials of dental tissue-derived cell-based regenerative medicine

ReferencesRegistration IDConditionStudy designPatients (sites), test/controlInterventionsFollow-upOutcomesRisk of bias assessments
Pini Prato et al. [28]NRGingival augmentationA case report1 (1)GF + benzyl ester of hyaluronic acid (HYAFF®)1 months, 2 months, 3 monthsA fully keratinized tissue was regenerated.
Pini Prato et al. [29]NRGingival augmentationCase series6 (7)GF + benzyl ester of hyaluronic acid1 month, 3 monthsAn increased amount of gingiva was obtained, and the histological examination revealed a fully keratinized tissue on all the treated sites.
Mohammadi et al. [30]NRInsufficient attached gingivaSM-RCT9 (18), 9/9GF + bovine skin collagen type IPeriosteal fenestration technique3 monthsThe difference between the width of keratinized gingiva in test and control sites was significant.Some concerns
Murata et al. [31]NRGingival recessionsCase series4 (14)GF + atelo-collagen + hyaluronic acid sponge13 to 40 weeksThe average root coverage and keratinized and attached gingival tissue were increased.
Jhaveri et al. [32]NRGingival recessionsSM-RCT10 (20), 10/10GF + acellular dermal matrix allograftSubepithelial connective tissue graft3 months, 6 monthsThere were no significant differences between test and control sites for all measured clinical parameters.Low
Köseoğlu et al. [33]NRGingival recessionsSM-RCT11 (22), 11/11GF + collagen membraneCollagen membrane3 months, 6 months, 12 monthsA statistically significant increase was detected in PRC in the test group compared with the control group.Some concerns
Milinkovic et al. [34]NRGingival recessionsSM-RCT18 (48), 24/24GF + collagen matrix (BioGide®)Connective tissue graft12 monthsThere was no statistically significant difference among groups regarding change in gingival recession coverage, CAL, and RES.Some concerns
  1. NR not reported, SM split-mouth, RCT randomized controlled trial, GF gingival fibroblasts, PRC percentage of root coverage, CAL clinical attachment level, RES root coverage esthetic score