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Table 4 Promising outcomes with preconditioning strategies on MSCs in preclinical kidney transplantation studies

From: Preconditioning is an effective strategy for improving the efficiency of mesenchymal stem cells in kidney transplantation

Year Animal MSCs source Preconditioning Timing of infusion Outcomes References
2013 Rats BM-MSCs Gene modification Day 1 ↑CXCR4, ↑proliferative, secretory and migratory ability, ↑Tregs, ↓pathological scores, ↑graft renal function Cao et al. [51]
2018 Rats BM-MSCs Incubation with trophic factors/cytokines Day 0 ↑CXCR4, ↑survival and migratory ability, ↓pathological scores, ↑graft renal function Zhang et al. [52]
2015 Rabbits BM-MSCs Gene modification Day 0 ↑IDO, ↑Tregs, ↓T cells, ↓AR, ↑graft renal function and survival He et al. [54]
2016 Rats A-MSCs Gene modification Day − 4 ↑OX40Ig, ↑Tregs, ↓AR, ↑graft renal function and survival Liu et al. [56]
  1. MSCs mesenchymal stem cells, BM-MSCs bone marrow MSCs, A-MSCs adipose MSCs, CXCR4 chemokine receptor 4, EPO erythropoietin, IDO indoleamine 2, 3-dioxgenase, OX40Ig OX40-Ig fusion protein