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Table 1 Overview of pre-clinical study details

From: Safety and efficacy of cell therapies in pediatric heart disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author (year) Study design Animal characteristics Intervention characteristics Outcome measures
Disease model Species Age Immunosuppression Cell type; source (origin) Total dose (cells/kg), route, timing of delivery, frequency Timing of assessment relative to injury Ventricular function mode of assessment
Agarwal et al. [10] RVHF Crl:NIH-Foxn1rnu rats 5–6 weeks Athymic Cardiac progenitor (xenogeneic) 6.6 × 106; intramyocardial; 2 weeks; once Two weeks and 1 month Echo
Albertario et al .[11] RVHF Landrace pigs DNR DNR Thymic (xenogeneic) 5.0 × 105 a; patch/graft; DNR; once DNR Echo, cardiac MRI
Borenstein et al. RVHF Ile de France rams 4 months Dexamethasone Skeletal muscle (autologous) 4.3 × 105; intramyocardial; 3 h; once Day 0 and day 60 Cath
Brizard et al. [12] Cardiopulmonary bypass Border-Leicester lamb 5–7 days DNR Umbilical cord blood (xenogeneic) 8.0 × 106; intracoronary; intraoperative; once DNR Cath
Cao et al. RVHF New Zealand white rabbits 1 month DNR Bone marrow (autologous) 1.9 × 107; intravenous; 3 months; once Two weeks Echo, Cath
Chery et al. RVHF RNU nude rats DNR DNR Thymic (xenogeneic) 1.8 × 107; cell sheet; 2 weeks; once DNR Echo
Davies et al .[13] RVHF Leicester sheep 10 days Cyclosporine Umbilical cord blood (xenogeneic) 7.0 × 105; epicardial; 30 min; once One month Cath
Henning et al. DCM TO2 hamsters 1 month DNR Umbilical cord blood (xenogeneic) 5.3 × 107; intramyocardial; 1 month; once Monthly, 1 to 5 months Echo
Lambert et al. RVHF Landrace pigs 2–3 months Tacrolimus Cardiac progenitor (xenogeneic) 4.7 × 105; intramyocardial; 4 months; once Four months and 7 months Cath
Liu et al. RVHF Wistar lamb DNR DNR Adipose (autologous) 5.0 × 107; intravenous; 3 months; once DNR Echo, Cath
Nana-Leventaki et al .[14] AI Lewis rats 5–6 weeks DNR Cardiosphere derived (autologous) 1.7 × 106 b; intracoronary; 10 days; once One day, 10 days, 1 month Echo
Schmuck et al. RVHF Sprague Dawley rats 5–6 weeks DNR Cardiac fibroblasts (xenogeneic) 2.0 × 106 a; bioscaffold implanted into RV; 3 weeks; once Baseline, 3 weeks and 6 weeks Echo, Cath
Sugiura et al. (2016) RVHF Nude athymic rats DNR Athymic Cardiac (xenogeneic) 2.0 × 105 a; patch; DNR; once Two and 4 months Echo
Trac et al. RVHF Crl:NIH-Foxn1rnu rats 6 weeks Athymic Cardiac progenitor (xenogeneic) 3.0 × 106; intramyocardial; 2 weeks; once Weekly for 4 weeks Echo
Umar et al. (2009) RVHF Wistar rat 8 weeks DNR Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (autologous) 4.4 × 103; intravenous; 2 weeks; once Two weeks Cath
Wehman et al. (2016) RVHF Yorkshire swine 2–3 weeks Cyclosporine and methylprednisolone Bone marrow (xenogeneic) 1.25 × 105; intramyocardial; 30 min; once Four months Echo
Wehman et al. (2017) RVHF Yorkshire swine 2–3 weeks Cyclosporine and methylprednisolone Cardiac progenitor (xenogeneic) 1.25 × 105; intramyocardial; morning of isolation; once One day and 1 month Echo
Yerebakan et al. RVHF Domestic sheep 4 months DNR Umbilical cord blood (autologous) 2.0 × 106; intramyocardial; intraoperative; once Six and 12 weeks Echo, Cath
  1. RVHF right ventricular heart failure, DCM dilated cardiomyopathy, AI autoimmune myocarditis, RV right ventricle, DNR did not report
  2. aAbsolute cell count
  3. bDose obtained based on additional study cited within paper