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Table 2 The list of clinical trials concerning asthma documented up to March 2020

From: Unraveling the therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells in asthma

Status Study title Conditions Interventions Phase Number enrolled
Active, not recruiting Allogeneic human cells (hMSCs) via intravenous delivery in patients With Mild asthma Asthma Biological: hMSCs 1 6
Active, not recruiting Safety and feasibility study of an intranasal mesenchymal trophic factor for the treatment of asthma Asthma Biological: trophic factors from umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells 1 and 2 20
Completed Study to evaluate the effect of benralizumab on allergen-induced inflammation in mild, atopic asthmatics Asthma Biological: benralizumab, other: placebo Phase 3 46
Completed A pilot study for cell-based therapies in patients with asthma Asthma, allergic rhinitis Other: blood donation Not applicable 20