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Table 1 Different preconditionings of ADSCs and their functions

From: Application of adipose-derived stem cells in photoaging: basic science and literature review

Precondition Capacities compared with ADSCs alone or untreated Reference
CO2 laser combination Further promote the activation of dermal fibroblast [21]
GARP silencing Increase their activation of TGF- β which augment the levels of mtROS [30]
Nrf2 overexpressing Promoted granulation tissue formation, angiogenesis, increased the expression of growth factor and decreased proteins related to inflammation and oxidation [31]
HIF1 α overexpressing Decrease oxidative stress and DNA damage [32]
H2O2 treated Reduce apoptosis, more skin flap survival area [33]
VEGF overexpressing Inhibit senescence by downregulating SA- β-Gal, recover UV-induced skin injury [34]
Combined with nanofat Ablate wrinkles [35]
Transfected with miR-146a Angiogenic and anti-inflammatory abilities [36]
Combined with HA gel Ablate wrinkles [37]
Seeded onto collagen scaffolds Increase dermal thickness and increase ECM [38]
Combined with fat graft Ablate wrinkles, promote collagen synthesis and neovascularization [39]
LLL preconditioning Increase growth factors secretion, increase dermal thickness [40]
Engineered to express IFN- β and combined with cisplatin Migrate to tumor sites and inhibit the growth of melanoma [41]