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Table 1 The information of microarray datasets

From: CCR2 improves homing and engraftment of adipose-derived stem cells in dystrophic mice

Dataset Gene chip species Muscle Reference
GSE465 GPL91 Human Unknown Chen et al. [29]
GSE1004 GPL8300 Human Quadriceps Haslett et al. [30]
GSE3307 GPL96/GPL 97 Human Quadriceps Dadgar et al. [31]
GSE6011 GPL96 Human Quadriceps Pescatori et al. [32]
GSE1008 GPL81 Mouse Extraocular muscle Porter et al. [33, 34]
GSE1026 GPL81 Mouse Diaphragm Porter et al. [35]
GSE1025 GPL81 Mouse Mixed samples of gastrocnemius and soleus Porter et al. [33]
GSE897 GPL81 Mouse Extensor digitorum longus/quadriceps /soleus Haslett et al. [36]
GSE7187 GPL339 Mouse Tibialis anterior Baban et al. [37]
GSE1471 GPL339 Mouse Cardiac muscle Unpublished