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Table 2 Non-BCMA-targeted CAR T cell clinical trials in multiple myeloma

From: Any closer to successful therapy of multiple myeloma? CAR-T cell is a good reason for optimism

Target antigen Signaling domain Clinical responses Side effects Conditioning Registration code
CD19 4-1BB ORR, 20%
CR, 1
Mild CRS Hypogammaglobulinemia
Autologous GvHD
HDM + ASCT NCT02135406
CD138 CD28 4 SD Mild CRS PCD, CP, or VAD NCT01886976
4-1BB SD > 3 m, 4
Circulating PCL cells, 1
Infusion-related fever nausea and vomiting possible TLS CP/Flu ?
ND PR,1 CRS grade 2 PCD, CP or VAD ?
Kappa LC CD28 SD, 4 Mild CRS lymphopenia grade 3 CP or none NCT00881920
NKG2DL Dap10 ORR, 0% Mild CRS None NCT02203825
  1. BCMA B cell maturation antigen, CAR chimeric antigen receptor, ORR overall response rate, CR complete response, PR partial response, VGPR very good partial response, SD stable disease, CRS cytokine release syndrome, HDM high-dose melphalan, ASCT autologous stem cell transplantation, PCD pomalidomide-cyclophosphamide-dexamethasone, CP cyclophosphamide, VAD vincristine-doxorubicin-dexamethasone, Flu fludarabine, GvHD graft-vs.-host disease, TLS tumor lysis syndrome, ND no data, NKG2D natural killer group 2-member D