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Table 1 List of suggested or existing MSC transplantation research for MS therapy

From: A focus on allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells as a versatile therapeutic tool for treating multiple sclerosis

NO Brief title of the trial Location Clinical trial number Main outcome
1. Evaluation of autologous MSCs transplantation in MS Royan Institute, Iran NCT01377870 • To evaluate MRI metrics changes, brain atrophy, number of severe relapses, EDSS, MSFC, quality of life, and RAO test
2. MSCs for MS with autologous MSCs University of Genova, Italy NCT01854957 • Safety
• Efficacy
3. Autologous MSCs for the treatment of MS Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden NCT01730547 • To measure the efficacy and safety of IV treatment with autologous MSCs as an MS therapy
• Initial data collection on the effectiveness of experimental therapy in terms of combined MRI operation and therapeutic application (incidence of relapses and worsening of disabilities)
4. BM autologous MSCs for progressive MS Sweden Valladolid, Spain NCT04361942 • To assess a group of patients with a harmful incidence associated with the therapy
• To assess the impact of a combined number of MRI T2 lesions on the activity of MS illness
• To study the impact assessed by the changes in EDSS on the activity of MS disorder
• To measure the impact on populations of peripheral blood immune cells
5. Safety and efficacy study of autologous BMSCs in MS Amman, Jordan NCT01895439 • To assess the number of patients with any related side effects detected
• To assess the therapeutic benefits of the injected Autologous MSCs by MRI and ophthalmological tests, in addition to its safety
6. Multi-center study safety of AdMSCs for the treatment of MS George Town, Cayman Islands NCT02326935 • To assess standard complication questionnaire, MS impact scale MSIS-29, improved SF-36 cell-based therapy track, physical evaluation
7. MSCs (MESEMS) for MS Guangzho, Guangdon, China NCT02403947 • To determine the safety of the injection of MSCs, frequency, the timeline of incidence, and seriousness of harmful effects
• To assess efficacy
8. Feasibility study of hUC-MSCs in patients diagnosed with MS Panama City, Panama NCT02034188 • To evaluate some contributors with an alteration in EDSS, neurological disability as assessed by Scripps neurological rating scale, cognitive and leg function, quality of life, and alteration in MRI for spinal cord and brain
9. MSCs transplantation in MS (CMM-EM) Barcelona, Spain NCT01228266 • To assess the safety and efficacy in terms of the combined amount of gadolinium-improving lesions in MRI
10. MSCs in MS (MSCIMS) London, UK NCT00395200 • To assess visual ability (color and acuity), optic nerve magnetization transfer ratio, visual evoked potential latency,
• To assess retinal nerve fiber layer thickness
11. hUCMSCs transplantation for patients with Progressive MS and NMO Nanjing, Jiangsu, China NCT01364246 • To assess safety and efficacy
• To assess adverse events
12. autologous BMSCs injection for RRMS Barcelona, Spain NCT02035514 • To assess change from baseline in safety and effectiveness by MRI
13. SCs in Rapidly Evolving Active MS (STREAMS) London, UK NCT01606215 • To assess the rate of recurrence, duration, and seriousness of undesirable incidence in MSC and placebo groups as determined by CTCAE v4.0 and the overall number of GELs at weeks 4, 12, and 24 after MSC treatment
14. MSCs from autologous BM administered intravenously in patients with MS Reina Sofia Hospital
Córdoba, Spain
NCT01745783 • To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of BMSCs transplantation in participants with MS.
• To evaluate the lack of unanticipated severe harmful reactions as an assessment of safety and number and size of the lesions on MRI
15. Allogenic MSCs and physical treatment for MS Amman, Jordan NCT03326505 • To assess isolation and expansion of MSCs,
• To evaluate safety and efficacy assessment pre- and post-treatment
16. Autologous MSCs-derived Neural Progenitors (MSC-NP) administration in patients diagnosed with MS New York, USA NCT01933802 • To assess the safety, the number of participants with adverse events, and tolerability of intrathecal administration with autologous MSCNPs in MS, preliminary evaluation of efficacy
17. Intravenous autologous MSCs administration for MS: a proof of concept Study Ontario, Canada NCT02239393 • To assess safety and efficacy
18. Intrathecal administration of autologous MSC-NP in MS New York, USA NCT03355365 • To evaluate (EDSS) Plus MS functional composite (MSFC) and Bladder function
19. Autologous MSC transplantation in MS Ohio, USA NCT00813969 • To assess the feasibility, safety, and tolerance of autologous MSC injection in participants with relapsing forms of MS
20. Autologous BMSC-derived neural progenitors (MSC-NP) injection in progressive MS New York, USA NCT03822858 • To assess the tolerance and safety of autologous MSC-NP therapy with progressive MS, N:20
21. A study of allogeneic hUC-MSC and liberation treatment in RRMS Trinidad and Tobago NCT02587715 • To assess the percentage of patients with medical enhancement in EDSS score in comparison with standard
22. A study of allogeneic hUC-MSC and liberation treatment in patients with RRMS Genesis Limited NCT02418325 • To assess the safety, effectiveness, and adverse events
23. Autologous AdMSCs in participants with SPMS Sevilla, Spain NCT01056471 • To assess tolerance and safety associated with intravenous injection of autologous MSCs
24. Clinical efficacy of autologous BMSCs in Active & Progressive MS Israel NCT02166021 • To assess safety assessment, neurological efficacy
25. NurOwn (hMSC-NTF cells) in progressive MS patients Ohio, United States NCT03799718 • Efficacy and safety of repeated injection (3 intrathecal dosages) of NurOwn® (MSC-NTF cells)
26. MSCs for the treatment of MS Guangdong, China NCT00781872 • To assess migration capability and safety of the injected cells and clinical efficacy in disability score
27. Autologous MSCs transplantation for MS Barcelona, Spain NCT02495766 • To assess adverse events, the cumulative number of MRI Gd-enhancing lesions, MS outbreaks
28. Autologous BMSCs for the treatment of MS Amman, Jordan NCT03069170 • To assess efficacy by MRI and safety by vital signs, electrocardiograph monitoring, EDSS, physical inspection, analytical results, and change in quality of life
29. SCM-010 transplantation in patients with SPMS Tel Aviv, Israel NCT03696485 • To assess the effectiveness and safety of rising dosages of intrathecal SCM-010 in focusses with SPMS
30 Study of autologous MSCs as a regenerative therapy for MS University hospital of North Norway NCT04749667 • To assess neurophysiological parameters - combined evoked potentials
31. MSCs for progressive MS (PMS) Karolinska Institute, Sweden NCT03778333 • To assess the safety and adverse events of IV infusion of autologous BMSCs in PMS
32. The effects of multiple injections of MSCs for PMS Israel NCT04823000 • To evaluate adverse events and EDSS
33. The effect of autologous AdMSCs injection in the patients with SPMS University of Mashhad, Iran IRCT20091127002778N1 • Safety and side effects of high dose MSCs transplantation in terms of pain, hypersensitivity
• Safety of SCs transplantation in terms of infection
34 BMSCs transplantation in patients with RRMS under fingolimod therapy Tehran, Iran IRCT20191004044975N1 • Evaluation of safety and efficacy of Intravenous and Intrathecal injection of autologous BMSCs