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Table 1 Details of the papers describing clinical trials with MSCs for the treatment of joint diseases

From: Chondromalacia patellae: current options and emerging cell therapies

References Cell types/source Applications Delivery intervention Study type Patient No. Results
Adverse Beneficial
[84] hBM-MSC kOA Injection of 20–24×106 cells Original article 6 One year, no local or systemic adverse events Increase: functional, thickness, repair tissue over the subchondral bone
Decrease: edematous and pain
[70] hADSCs CMP The ADSCs along with PRP, hyaluronic acid, and CaCl2 Case report 3 18 months, all three patients did not report any serious side effects Increase: the damaged tissues (softened cartilages)
Decrease: pain
[85] hUCB-MSCs Osteochondral defect Injection of MSC (5 × 106/ml) in HA (4%) Case report 1 5.5 years, no specific adverse reactions Increase: IKDC, WOMAC, cartilage-like aspect, GAGs, Collagen type II
Decrease: VAS and collagen type I, no bone formation
[86] hUCB-MSCs OA Injection of MSC (1.15/1.25 × 107 or 1.65/2 × 107) in HA Open-label, single-arm, phase I/II 7 7 years, no cases of osteogenesis or tumorigenesis; mild to moderate treatment-emergent adverse events Increase: IKDC and aspect of hyaline-like cartilage
Decrease: VAS
[87] hUC-MSCs KOA Injection of UC MSC (20×106) once or twice vs HA injection Randomized double-blind, controlled phase I/II 29 No serious AEs, deaths, permanent disability, neoplasia, or septic arthritis cases; acute synovitis and mild to moderate symptomatic effusion Increase: WOMAC, decrease: VAS, pain, and disability
[80] hBM-MSCs KOA Injection of BM MSCs (1 × 106/10 × 106/50 × 106) Nonrandomized, open-label, dose-escalation phase I/II clinical trial conducted 12 12 months, no serious adverse events; minor, transient adverse events Improvement in KOOS pain, symptoms, quality of life, and WOMAC stiffness
[88] hUCB-MSCs OA Injection of hUCB-MSC (7.5 × 106) in HA(4%)-Commercial Retrospective case series 128 2 years, no adverse reactions or postoperative complications were noted Increase: IKDC, ,WOMAC, and MOCART
Decrease: VAS
[89] hUC-MSCs KOA Injection of wjMSC (10 × 106) in 2 ml secretome + 2 ml HA Open-label, single-arm, phase I/II 29 3.5 years, no adverse reactions are reported Increase: IKDC and WOMAC
Decrease: VAS