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Table 1 Classification of IUA

From: Stem cell-based therapy for ameliorating intrauterine adhesion and endometrium injury

Source Summary of classification References
Toaff and Ballas Split into four grades according to the lesion location and size [25]
March et al. Classified as minimal, moderate, or severe based on the degree of uterine cavity involvement by HSG [11]
American fertility society Complex scoring system of mild, moderate, or severe IUAs based on the extent of cavity obliteration, type of adhesion, and menstrual pattern according to hysteroscopic or HSG assessment [26]
Valle and Sciarra Adhesions classified as mild, moderate, or severe according to the extent of uterine cavity occlusion (partial or total) and the type of adhesions by HSG [27]
Nasr et al. Creates a prognostic score by menstrual patterns, reproductive performance and hysteroscopy as parameters [28]