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Table 3 Characteristics of GVHD patients who are more suitable for MSC therapy

From: Current status of clinical trials assessing mesenchymal stem cell therapy for graft versus host disease: a systematic review

Index Remarks
Age Younger than 10 years
GVHD gravity Skin, but not liver involvement
Degree of tissue damage Lower levels of TNFRI, IL–2Rα, elafin, CK18, and ST2
Immune tolerance state Higher proportion of naïve T, B cells and imDCs;
Better thymic function;
Lower levels of pro-inflammatory chemokines, such as CXCL9, CXCL10, CXCL2, and CCL2
Timing Preferably before SR occurs
MSCs donor selection Poor preventive effect of senescent MSCs
Times of MSC administered Multiple infusions are beneficial to maintain efficacy