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Table 2 CAR-T cell therapy in ongoing clinical trials

From: Characteristics of the cancer stem cell niche and therapeutic strategies

Target Tumor type Phase Study number
CD19 Relapsed/refractory B-ALL Phase 2 NCT05334823
Relapsed/refractory leukemia/lymphoma Phase 1 NCT03984968
CD19/CD22 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Phase 1 NCT05098613
CD30 Relapsed/refractory Hodgkin lymphoma Phase 2 NCT04268706
CD33 Acute myeloid leukemia Phase 1/2 NCT03971799
CD38 Acute myeloid leukemia Phase 1 NCT05239689
CD70 Pancreatic/renal/breast cancer Phase 1/2 NCT02830724
CD123 Acute myeloid leukemia Phase 1 NCT04230265
CD171 Neuroblastoma Phase 1 NCT02311621
c-Met/PD-L1 Hepatocellular carcinoma Phase 1 NCT03672305
EpCAM Pancreatic/gastric/colorectal cancer Phase 1 NCT05028933
GD2 Neuroblastoma Phase 1 NCT01822652
GPC3 Liver cancer Phase 1 NCT02932956
Hepatocellular carcinoma Phase 1 NCT02905188
MOv19-BBz Ovarian/fallopian tube/peritoneal cancer Phase 1 NCT03585764
P-MUC1C-ALLO1 Advanced or metastatic solid tumors Phase 1 NCT05239143
IL13Rα2 Brain tumor Phase 1 NCT04661384