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Table 5 List of recorded MSCs treatment-based clinical studies for COVID-19 (

From: Spotlight on therapeutic efficiency of mesenchymal stem cells in viral infections with a focus on COVID-19

MSCs types Study design Population Results or aims NCT Number
WJ-MSCs Phase I Interventional 5
(18 years and older)
The first result shows that recovery of clinical signs NCT04313322
Autologous AD-MSCs (Celltex-Ad-MSCs) Phase II multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-control 200
(18 years and older)
The first result shows that this method have no side effects and tolerability NCT04444271
MSCs Prospective, Randomized Phase II 20
Age: 18–65
Occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 in trial and control group first result: total survivorship at 30 days after-treatment NCT04336254
Allogeneic Human Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Single-center, prospective, randomized 20
Age: 18 − 65
The first result shows that time for clinical recovery NCT04429763
UC-MSCs Phase II 30
Age: 18 − 79
The first result shows that clinical decline or dying NCT04416139
Allogeneic UC-MSCs Pilot experiment 10
(18 years and older)
The first result: clinical, biochemical, inflammatory, and immune alters NCT04315987
Allogeneic HB-AD-MSCs Phase 2 (clinical trials performed early in Phase I) 90
(18 years and older)
Early Consequence: alteration in the clinical situation NCT04348435
MSCs derived from WJ of UC Early Phase I 9
18 years and older
Early Consequence: Oxygen Saturation NCT04456361
HB-AD-MSCs Phase II, open label study, single-center trial 56
Child, Adult, Older Adult
Early Consequence: occurrence of hospitalization and signs related on SARS-CoV-2 NCT04349631
MSCs Phase II, Interventional 20
18 years to 70 years
Early Consequence: evaluation of pneumonia recovery and adverse events NCT04252118
UC-MSCs Phase II, Multicenter, randomized-controlled trial, double-blind experiment 100
18 years to 75 years
Assessment of pneumonia Recovery NCT04288102
UB-MSCs Phase II RCT 20
30 years to 70 years
Evaluation of pneumonia and adverse effects NCT04437823
Allogenic pooled olfactory mucosa-derived MSC Phase I, Phase II 40
Age: 18 − 70
Number of infected persons treated NCT04382547
UC-MSCs + Heparin along with best supportive treatment Phase I/II double-blinded experiment 24
(18 years and older)
Harmlessness will be determined via the occurrence of intense side effects as measured via curing physician NCT04355728
hUC-MSC (BX-U001) + supportive treatment Phase1 9
18–80 years old
Assessment of safety NCT03828344
MSCs in Inflammation-Resolution Programs of COVID-19 with ARDS Prospective phase II trial 40
18 years and older
Recovery of lung damage score NCT04377334
Phase 1, Phase 2, prospective, double-blind, randomized-controlled trial, parallel, placebo-controlled pilot 30
Age: 18 − 75
Number of infected persons who expired NCT04390139
ACT-20-MSC Phase 1, Phase II randomized-controlled trial, placebo-controlled trial 70
Age: 18–85
Death on day 30 NCT04398303
MultiStem Phase II and III trial 400
Age: 18–89
Ventilator-Removal Days. Lack of side effects and tolerability NCT04367077
MSCs-derived exosomes Phase 1 24
18 Years to 75 years
Time to clinical recovery and safety NCT04445220
UC-MSCs Phase 2 16
Age: 18–80
Ventilation OI NCT04269525
BM-MSCs Phase I/II randomized-controlled trial 20
18 years to 75 years
Assessment of pneumonia recovery and harmlessness evaluation NCT04346368
BM-Allo.MSC Phase 1b randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study 45
Age: 18–80
Occurrence of AEs, death and its reason, and number of ventilator-removal days NCT04397796