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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Novel topical allogeneic bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell treatment of hard-to-heal diabetic foot ulcers: a proof of concept study

  Age (years) Diabetes type Diabetes duration (years) BMI (kg/m2) Smokera Alcohol abuse Sys. blood pressure (mmHg) HbA1cb (mmol/ml) eGFR (ml/min) UACR (mg/g) LDL (mmol/l)
Participant 01 70 T2DM 12 23.9 No No 150 57 83 27 1.8
Participant 02 68 T2DM 6 29.0 Ex No 108 93 99 20 0.3
  1. BMI, Body Mass Index; Sys, Systolic; HbA1C, Glycated hemoglobin; eGFR, estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; UACR, Urine-Albumin-Creatinin-Ratio; LDL. Low density Lipoprotein; T2DM, Type II Diabetes; Mellitus; Ex, Former
  2. aDivided in Yes(active) No (never smoked) Ex. (prior smoker > 5 years tobacco free)
  3. bHbA1c is presented according to National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program