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Table 2 Commercially available serum-free media for expansion of multipotential stromal cells.

From: Growth factor regulation of proliferation and survival of multipotential stromal cells

  Serum-free media Company Properties Drawbacks
1 STEMPRO([R])MSC SFM Invitrogen Serum-free, xeno-free. Maintains MSCs for up to nine passages as compared with five passages with MSCs in MEM + 10% FBS. Cells are smaller in size [88] Marketed as a research product only. Proprietary composition makes it difficult to be used for preclinical and clinical purposes
2 Mesencult Stem Cell Technologies Serum free, xeno-free. Causes rapid expansion of cells in the first passage, higher than any other media(89) MSCs fail to maintain a similar growth rate beyond the first passage and stop growing altogether after the sixth passage, while MSCs grown in DMEM-KO and DMEM F12 supplanted with 10% FBS proliferate for up to 25 passages [89]
3 Mesengro StemRD Chemically defined, serum free and xeno-free. The company claims that the growth rate of MSCs in this media is the same as that of MSCs supplanted with 10% FBS for up to nine passages in vitro No published data using this media as yet
  1. DMEM, Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium; FBS, fetal bovine serum; MSC, multipotential stromal cell.