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Figure 3

From: The effect of Rho kinase inhibition on long-term keratinocyte proliferation is rapid and conditional

Figure 3

Effect of different ROCK inhibitors on keratinocyte immortalization. A. Growth curves of the three strains of foreskin keratinocytes cultured in the presence or absence of 10 μM Y-27632, and shown in Figure 1, are reproduced here for comparison with panels B, C and D. B, C, D. Growth curves of the same three strains of foreskin keratinocytes shown in Figures 1 and 2A were cultured in the absence (red) or presence of 20 μM fasudil (B; dark blue line), 20 μM HA-1100 (C, orange line) or 100 nM GSK 429286. (D; light blue line).

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